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60 Day Weight Loss Challenge


Join Team Fitness Base Camp for the 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge!  It's the perfect time to start that lifestyle change after the holidays and get in shape for 2019 (and stay there).  Be guided by the best and most diverse team in the industry.  We offer easy to follow workouts via our app for IOS and Andriod, a meal plan to help guide you, access to our team, daily motivation and fit tips from our trainers.

Starts January 2nd 2019.   If you miss the date, that's ok too, just jump in join the team.  We will be right there to support you along your journey.

Join us by downloading our app for IOS and Android. Just search for "Fitness Base Camp".  Once you sign up, you will have access to our entire workout database.  Just choose the workout "60 Day Weight Loss Challenge", start the workout and get moving.  In our app you will have access to the meal plan and our team will be right there to support you.

Trying it out is absolutely free for 7 days.  If you like it and want to keep going you will have access to sign up in the app when your trial is over.  You can either pay month to month for $9.99 or take advantage of the 50% discount on our annual plan for at a total cost of $49.99 for the entire year.    You can opt out and cancel your subscription anytime.

To be eligible to win a weekend at the May 6th Wellness Retreat, follow these steps before January 5th 2019

1. Enter your measurements in the app (How to enter measurements) when you sign up and lets see how well you did compared to the other participants at the end of the challenge.

2. Send us a full body shot of your before starting photo to info@fitnessbasecamp.com

3. Complete the 60-day workout daily for 5 days and rest 1 day, use our meal guideline to reach optimal result... 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@fitnessbasecamp.com

"You'd be surprised with what you can accomplish in just 10 minutes a day." - David Lee